My worst experience with is good or bad adnetwork

A quick overview about is a contextual ad network which allows publishers to place ads on their website and earn money when the user clicks on the ad. was powered by Yahoo and Bing. is claiming that they are providing only high-quality ads.

I have written this review based on my personal experience with

After reading many good reviews about, I applied for it.

When I first applied for, they rejected my website. But in the second attempt, my website get approved. At that moment, I felt very happy because my website is approved by popular ad network (

For testing purpose, I added ad code on some pages of my website. On the first day, that means on November 6, 2015, my website got 8 impressions with $2.00 RPM and estimated revenue is $0.02. Because of this high RPM, I got so much trust on So I decided to add ad code on all pages of my website.

On the second day, I added ad code on all pages of my website. At the end of the day, I got results like this: 733 impressions, RPM is $2.00 and estimated revenue is $1.47. If I maintain the same RPM with same traffic, I can make more than $40.00 per month.

On the third day, the RPM is highly reduced. At the end of the day, the results are like this: 1,106 impressions, RPM is $0.47 and estimated revenue is $0.52.

On the fourth day, the RPM suddenly went to zero. At the end of the day, the results are like 921 impressions, RPM is zero and estimated revenue is zero. I felt very disappointed with the result. I hoped that the RPM would be increased from the next day.

On the fifth day also the same thing repeated, I.e., zero RPM and zero estimated revenue for 1,043 impressions.

From that day onwards, bad time started for me through I was getting thousands of impressions per day but no improvement in RPM or revenue.

Even for thousands of impressions per day, I was earning zero dollars and some lucky day I was earning around 0.01 to 0.1 dollar. reports

For the first five days, the results are like this: 3,811 impressions, RPM is $0.52 and estimated revenue is $2.00. For the first five days, I earned $2.00. Overall, the results are somewhat better. But day-to-day, the results are becoming worse.

For the first month, I earned only $3.52 for 30, 612 impressions. reports

Second month, I earned $0.88 for 30,886 impressions. report for second month

Third month, I earned $2.47 for 45,226 impressions

Third month report of

Fourth month, I earned $1.73 for 37,825 impressions fourth month report

For the first year, I earned $12.84 for 208,060 impressions

First year report

By seeing these results, I got frustrated and contacted the support team. They replied like this:

“Thank you for writing in.

We studied your account in detail and have few suggestions that will aid in the process of boosting the revenue you make with our ads.

  Currently, our ads lack uniformity in terms of placement. To resolve this, I recommend placing a 600×250 ad unit below the fold at the end of the article on each page. This ad unit gives your visitors a wider range of ad topics to choose compared to other units. And this particular placement works for the majority of our publishers hence,  we can test it on your website as well.

    The 120×600 ad unit placed on the left rail of your website is smaller compared to space it is placed on. We can resolve this by replacing it with a 300×600 ad unit. It will use the underutilized ad space on your website along with making the ad unit look a part of it.

I have attached the set of ad codes along with the email. You need to embed them in the HTML of your site to start serving impressions for those. Also, kindly ensure to have a maximum of 3 ad units on a single page as to comply with the program guidelines.”

I have implemented the thing what they told me. But still, there is no improvement in the revenue. So Again I contacted the support team. They replied like this:

“Your concern regarding revenue numbers is understandable. As you may know, revenue depends on various components like the traffic quality and quantity, ad placement, time when the click is made, advertiser’s budget, etc. I have asked my team to tweak the optimization approach for your website. We hope to see a positive change soon.

Feel free to email me in case you have any questions or queries for me.”

My website gets most of the visitors from USA, UK, and India. Also, most of the visits are made through Google and Bing which is high-quality traffic.

I waited for another 2 months but still, there is no improvement in the revenue.

For the first year, I made $12.84 for 208,060 impressions with $0.06 RPM. minimum payout is $100.

Then, just imagine how many years does it take to reach $100.

Finally, I decided to stop using

Do I recommend

Answer is “NO”

This worst experience with not only happened to me but also for many other bloggers. But I will not guarantee that same situation happened to all other bloggers.

Then why bloggers are writing good reviews about

You know most of the bloggers earn money through affiliate links. They write the review about some product and place a link which points to the product website. When a visitor clicks that link and purchases a product, the blogger gets a small commission.

Some bloggers write a neutral or honest review about a product or service. But some other bloggers write a good review about the company product even though they are not providing good service. Because their aim is to make quick money. If they write badly about the product, nobody purchases the product through their website. They won’t get the commission. So many bloggers write only good reviews about the company product or service.

Just like other companies, also have an affiliate program. I assume that bloggers are writing a good review about because they quickly want to make commission by promoting services.

Then why not you promote and make commission

Because I don’t want.

I was feeling like cheated by I don’t want my users to be cheated like that. So don’t get fooled by reading all the good reviews about

If you still want to use, no one stops you. But I personally don’t recommend



I have written this article based on my personal experience with I will not guarantee that all publishers are affected like me.

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