Internet – What is Internet – Uses of Internet

The Internet has changed the life of many people including me. People use the internet for various purposes such as playing games, watching movies, doing research, chatting with friends, promoting business, etc.

What is Internet?

The Internet is a global network which connects individuals or companies.

In a technical sense, the internet is a global network which connects many Computers. The Computers can be connected via fiber optic cables or wireless medium.


By using the internet, Computers can communicate with each other by sending or receiving the information. The information sent or received through the internet may be a text, image, voice or video.

The internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world. A Computer without internet is like a vehicle without fuel.

The Internet enables people to send or receive any kind of information from one Computer to another Computer. The article or information you are reading on this website is also sent from another Computer.

In the recent years, the demand for online business is increasing. Some big companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Bing, Alibaba and eBay are earning billions (USD) through the internet.

Many people use the terms World Wide Web (WWW) and the internet interchangeably but the two terms are not synonymous. World Wide Web is different from the internet. The World Wide Web is an information system where documents are identified by URLs and can be accessed via the internet.

Uses of Internet


By using the internet, you can easily send any kind of information (text, image, voice, or video) to another person. You can also chat online with your friends or dear ones who are living within your country or outside of your country.

Booking e-tickets

Before the advent of the internet, people have to stand in a long queue to book train tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets etc. However, after the advent of the internet, people need not stand in a queue to book tickets.

By using the internet, people can easily book e-tickets such as airline e-tickets, bus e-tickets, train e-tickets, movie e-tickets, etc.


Like the television, the internet also provides entertainment to its users. People use social networking sites (eg: Facebook) to connect with friends or chat with friends.

People use online video streaming sites (eg: youtube) to watch movies, serials and education tutorials.


By using the internet, people can do research on any kind of topic. For example, people do research on mobile phones to find a best mobile phone.

Most people use the popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to get an answer to any question.


The days of waiting for the morning paper to hit your front porch to get your daily news is gone. Now you need not wait for a morning paper. By using the internet, you can easily get any kind of news at your fingertips.


Do you have a credit card or debit card? if yes then you can easily purchase any product online.

When you purchase a product online, the purchased product will be directly transported to your home or home town.

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